Does this describe the way you do business now?

You don't have a clue where your next
commission is coming from?

You don't have an on-going system where
people call YOU for information...

You don't have any clients you can refer back
to real estate agents...

People view you as just another loan officer
with nothing unique to offer...

You are the 2nd or 3rd (maybe even the 10th)
loan officer to call from the leads you purchase
from internet-based responses.

Karen Deis
Karen Deis
Months ago, I purchased your kit on Consumer Direct Marketing... it has certainly generated loans and corporate benefits marketing might end up being my bread and butter. I am about 4-5 loans short of hitting my first year goal of $100k in net commissions... which is exciting. So, thanks. -Juan Huerta First United Mortgage, Las Vegas, NV

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